Autobus les Sillons, founded in the 1970s, is well established in the realm of transport, particularly for school transport on the Magdalen Islands territory. In 1992, Nicolas Cormier buys the totality of the business and chooses his two sons as partners to ensure a smooth and long term commitment of its services. In 1996, Autobus le Sillons becomes an official partner of “Assurance Automobile du Québec” and is tasked with the mechanical verifications and technical expertise of the whole islands. A task that the company still abides by. In 1998, a service of general mechanic is also established.

In 2002, the business broaden its horizons with the addition of a brand new guided tour service and make the acquisition of a luxurious bus and a commercial minibus. It has since innovated and added a myriad of different and diverse tours.

In 2010, Autobus les Sillons buys its first 55 passengers luxurious coach, solidifying its position as a leader in terms of bus transport on the Magdalen Islands’ territory.

Joël Cormier

In March 1991 I started working for Autobus les Sillons inc. as a driver with the objective of buying the business from Mr. Euclide Arseneau. On July 1, 1991, I and my father Nicolas Cormier bought our first block of shares and on July 1, 1992 all of the shares of the company. I graduated through all stages in all departments until I graduated General Manager in 2012. In 2014 I became President of Autobus les Sillons, the third since the founding of the company.

Jeannot Cormier

Vice-Président & Directeur Général
In order to join the ranks of the family business, in 1999 I obtained a DEP in heavy road vehicle mechanics. I have been bus driver and mechanic, garage foreman, parts manager, assistant manager and general manager. For more than 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the proper functioning and development of the company.

Damien Déraspe

Directeur des opérations
I left my native archipelago in 1986 to join the Royal Canadian Navy for over 6 years which allowed me to visit many countries around the world. In 1994 I moved to Quebec City and began studying tourism at Mérici College, after 6 years as a driver-guide and dispatcher for Dupont motor coach, the call of the sea was felt, and I came back to settle back in the Islands. In 2002 I joined the formidable team of Autobus les Sillons as a driver-guide, over the years I worked my way up the ranks to reach the direction of the operations of the company. From 2009 to 2015 I worked for Intercruise Canada and Destination North America as pier supervisors for cruise ships. These experiences were extremely positive and allowed me to improve my daily working methods.

Stéphane Harvey

Directeur du transport scolaire
Holder of a professional truck driver's diploma, I have been active in school transport for almost 30 years. Owner of the family business for over 20 years, I have worked as a manager of the company and a school bus driver. Since my arrival in the Autobus Les Sillons team in 2018, as Director of School Transportation, I have continued to work as a driver while managing the team of around fifteen people assigned to school transportation, as well as all of operations related to this sector of activity.

Mathieu Molaison

Chef mécanicien
Wishing to come back and settle in the Magdalen Islands with my family, Autobus les Sillons gave me the opportunity to carry out this project in November 2017. Working in the field of auto mechanics since I was very young and having acquired several years of experience and training, I was ready to take on new challenges. I am now progressing to the title of Mechanical Foreman within this company in a dynamic and professional team.

Sara Molaison

Adjointe administrative
Always wishing to work in administration, it is in 2012 that I started my DEP in accounting at the Vocational Training Center Vison 20 20 in Victoriaville. So, in May 2013 I graduated. I have worked in different places since the end of my studies in related fields, especially taxation, it is in 2018 that Autobus les Sillons finally gives me the opportunity to practice the profession that fascinates me. This company has made me grow, both in my work and on a personal level.
Autobus les Sillons
284, chemin les Caps, Fatima, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, G4T 2S1
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