West circuit

Visit the Site de la Côte

This place offers several shops and artisans as well as the Restaurant Eva and its terrace with a magnficent view of the fishing port. You can walk around and chat with the fishermen. Nearby, is Le Flâneur,an art gallery with a tea room and an old-fashioned bread oven. Discover the fabulous characters of Arthure as well as her watercolors and her portraits.

Visit Le site de la Belle-Anse

With its steep cliffs, la Belle Anse is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the red sandstone cliffs. Located on the north side of the islands, it shows us the erosion that eats away the archipelago, year after year. This situation worries greatly the Madelinots who are working hard to counter this phenomenon.

Visit Le Verger Poméloi

Established in the 1990s, this small apple orchard is the only one in the Iles de la Madeleine territory. In respect of the ecology, it takes advantage of the exceptional yeasts of these fruits cultivated in salty air. Slowly cold fermented juice emphasizes all the flavours and aromas of apples and honey. This visit will end with a tasting that will charm you.

Dinner at the Auberge Chez Denis à François

At noon, you will have the opportunity to have a snack at this charming inn lodged in a century-old house facing the sea, near the historic site of La Grave. The owner offers tasty regional cuisine featuring local products. Several menu choices will be offered in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Visit the Historic Site of La Grave

Listed as a historic site in 1983, La Grave retains its original function today as a privileged place for meetings and exchanges. There is the Nautical Club ¨Les Plaisanciers du Havre¨¸ the Musée de la Mer and several artisan shops where you will discover many small jewels ,for the pleasure of your eyes, that will make excellent memories.

Visit the Atelier Côtier Workshop (formerly known as Les Artisans du Sable)

This Workshop Boutique is composed of a multidisciplinary creative team who draws inspiration from their living environment to create a variety of objects ranging from arts and other useful products using different materials.

Visit the Site d'Autrefois

Claude à François is a former lobster fishing boat captain, a proud lobster fisherman who was wrecked off on the coast of the islands in 1990. Today, he tells stories and makes known the islands and the Acadian culture in his own way. Entering his world, means to him, knowing the greatness and that of the Madelinots years ago and today. It is also learning to trust yourself and making your dreams come true. Listen to this Madelinot talking and singing the islands to you. You won`t be disappointed !
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