At Autobus Les Sillons, the safety of our passengers is our priority. In order to ensure a peaceful journey, a highly qualified team of mechanical technicians ensure the  proper functioning of each vehicle. Our employees are accredited by the Société d`Assurance Automobile du Québec( SAAQ) to carry out a preventive maintenance program(PEP) on our entire fleet. Before each departure, our drivers carry out a rigorous mechanical check in order to guarantee the reliability of the journey.

Thanks to these measures, Autobus Les Sillons has held and maintains, since 1999, the highest mention given to a transporter by the Commission des Transport du Québec, namely the Satisfactory rating.

With Autobus Les Sillons,you travel with peace of mind all over the Islands !

The company`s mechanical department also offers its services to the public.

Among these, we find:

  • Mechanical verification and technical expertise of Québec.
  • Automobile Assurance.
  • Preventive Maintenance Program (PEP).
  • Mechanical services for heavy vehicles, trailers and recreational vehicles.
  • Sale of all kinds of tires.
  • Sale of parts.
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