School transportation

The school transportation division of Autobus Les Sillons extends its service to the majority of the circuits of the schools of the Centre des Service Scolaire des Iles. Our staff , assigned to this transport , offers health services to several hundred students, including a paratransit service. Crisscrossing the roads of the villages of Fatima, Cap-aux-Meules, Étang-du-Nord  and Grande-Entrée,bus drivers have the safety of their passengers as a priority.

Made up of a director of school transport, nine bus drivers and six replacement bus drivers, our team ensures the quality of its relationship with their customers and school staff on a daily basis.Aiming to promote safety in our vehicles and on the roads, our team is proactive in updating its knowledge and skills through continuous training. We are fortunate to have in our ranks , exceptional men and women,  who give this richness to our school transportation division.

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