School transport

Our school transport division span the whole territory, across four different schools on the islands. With its nine different circuits, our employees are responsible for driving hundreds of children from all around the islands. We also offer adapted transport for kids with disabilities. 

Our buses travel the roads of Fatima, Cap-aux-Meules, l’Étang-du-Nord and Grande-Entrée and always have the safety of your children as the upmost priority. Every single driver working for Autobus les Sillons is held accountable by the most rigorous standards in terms of school transport.

The whole team, being constructed of nine regular drivers, one director of school transport and about a dozen substitute drivers make sure everything is up to par on a daily basis and always maintain a good relationship between the clients and the school personal. Ever so active in the promotion of safety measures our team is always looking to update its skillset and knowledge to make sure to follow modern standards. We count among our ranks men and women of all ages, coming from different districts on the islands, making our team diverse and culturally rich.

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