Bus transportation to the Iles de la Madeleine

Departures from St Foy (Quebec) once a week according to the schedule with stops on request at Riviere-du-Loup, Edmundston, Fredericton, Moncton and Charlottetown.

Departures from the Magdalen Islands are held once per week according to the schedule.

There will be 3 departures from the Islands to Quebec during Christmas Holidays

The departures from the Islands will be held on Saturday December 20th, 27th and January 3rd, 2015.

The departures from Quebec will be held on Monday December 22nd, 29th and January 5th, 2015.

Schedule toward the Islands

From December 22nd, 2014 until January 5th, 2015 (local time)
 Departure City  Location  Time
 Quebec  3001, Chemin-des-Quatre-Bourgeois, St Foy  21h30 Monday
 Riviere du Loup  317 Hôtel de ville Ouest  23h45 Monday
 Degelis  1468 rd 185 south  01h00 Tuesday
 Fredericton(Lincoln)  415 ch Nevers  05h00 Tuesday
 Moncton  477 Paul Street (Wall Mart)  08h30 Tuesday
 Charlottetown  156 Belvedere avenue  10h30 Tuesday
 Souris / Ferry  120 breakwater  14h00 Tuesday
 Destination City  Location  Time of arrival
 Îles de la Madeleine  284 chemin des caps  19h15 Tuesday

Schedule to Quebec

From December 20th, 2014 until January 3rd, 2014 (local time)

 Departure City  Location  Time
 Îles de la Madeleine  284 chemin des caps  06h50 Saturday
 Destination City  Location  Time of arrival
 Souris  120 Breakwater  13h00 Saturday
 Charlottetown  156 Belvedere avenue  14h15 Saturday
 Moncton  477 Paul Street(Wall Mart)  16h30 Saturday
 Fredericton(Oromocto)  1 Gateway drive  18h30 Saturday
 Degelis  1468 rd 185 south  21h15 Saturday
 Riviere du Loup  317 Hôtel de Ville Ouest  23h00 Saturday
 Lévis  165 Président Kennedy  00h45 Sunday
 Quebec  St Foy bus terminal  01h00 Sunday

 City of departure  One way adult  Return trip adult  One way
student and over 60 years old
 Return trip
student and over 60 years old
 One way
baby 0-2 years old
 Return trip
baby 0-2 years old
 Quebec / Îles de la Madeleine  259 $  419 $  239 $  389 $  89 $  165 $
 Rivière du Loup / Îles de la Madeleine  239 $  389 $  225 $  349 $  85 $  155 $
 Degelis / Îles de la Madeleine  229 $  369 $  215 $  329 $  79 $  145 $
 Fredericton (Lincoln)/ Îles de la Madeleine  215 $  339 $  199 $  309 $  75 $  135 $
 Moncton / Îles de la Madeleine  180 $  299 $  169 $  269 $  69 $  125 $
 Charlottetown / Îles de la Madeleine  155 $  259 $  145 $  239 $  65 $  115 $
 Quebec / Oromocto (Fredericton)  125 $  ---  105 $  ---  18 $  ---
 Quebec / Moncton  135 $  ---  115 $  ---  16 $  ---
 Quebec / Charlottetown  155 $  ---  135 $  ---  14 $  ---

All the rate includes the transportation by bus, all the taxes, fee on the ferry and the confederation bridge.

General terms and conditions

*The tickets are not refundable. *For any modification on ticket a minimum of 25 $ plus taxes will apply. *The passenger who doesn't show up will loose his ticket and can not be refund. *A children of 14 years old of age and older can travel alone, the parent has to complete a form in ordet o travel. *A children between 0 and 13 years old must be accompanied by a person with a minimum of age of 16 years old. *Pet are not allowed onboard our vehicle. *The number of seat aer limited *You are allowed to carry two(2) luggages with a maximum weight of 23 kg(50 pounds) each and maximum size of 26 x 19 x 15 inches and one hand luggage. *For extra luggage an amount of 10 $ plus taxes will apply for each extra luggage except july and august it will be 25$ per extra luggage. *It is possible to travel with a bike you have to advise up on reservation there will extra charge. *Rate may vary without notice. *The date an hour that can be see on our web site, brochure or any where else are not guaranted. *any costs incurred as a result of a missed transfer are the responsibility of the passenger. *Autobus les Sillons does not provide any compensation for the inconvinience or time lost due to a chande in schedule or a late bus. *Customers of Autobus les Sillons agree that Autobus les Sillons cannot be held liable for losses or damages incurred by a customer resulting from delays or missed connections due to climatic conditions, road conditions or any other non-fulfilment of the obligations of Autobus les Sillons due to a case of force majeure or an act of God. *Autobus les Sillons reserves the right to refuse boarding to anyone whose behaviour may trouble other customers or endanger the safety of the driver and/or other passengers. *Autobus les Sillons reserves the right to use different type of buses according to number of passenger.

For reservation or information :

Tel : (418) 986 3886 ou 418 937 7025  fax : (418) 986 4621

Email: info@autobuslessillons.com